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(31.03.2012) 时间重要,懂得如何安排时间更重要 :]

正在學習不去在意別人怎樣看我.. 別人說的是非,可以改就改.. 不能改就左耳進,右耳出.. 不聼閒言閒語的人才會成功!不讓別人操控自己,因爲自己也有決定的權利.. 加油吧!我能做到的!^^

我是2008年11月創立自己的部落格,而2009年才開始正式寫的.. 而11月和12月的全都是在1月的時候補寫的~

Monday, October 5, 2009


14th September 2009 Monday

School as usual loh.. Nothing happened..? I think lah.. Haha^^

At night time, I has been bite by my hamster.. So pain..

Although my hmster did like that, but i still very sayang it~
Am i abnormal..? Or crazy..?

Today I didn't eat dinner.. Full..? Or no food..? Dont know.. Hehe^^
Mum say later got go supper with relative..
I walk to Auntie Moi house with my mum.. Haha^^
Sporty leh..? Hehe^^ Near only.. But need time also lah~
Actually very scare when on the way walking to auntie house..
Cause the road dont have street lamp..
And always heard got case rob around there Zzz
But at last we reach there safety also.. Hehe^^

Around 9 something, Auntie Moi pick me and mum go prima meet and join other relative for supper~
Other relative have their supper..
But i having my dinner~ Haha^^

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