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我是2008年11月創立自己的部落格,而2009年才開始正式寫的.. 而11月和12月的全都是在1月的時候補寫的~

Friday, October 23, 2009

sleep late

17 october 2009 saturday

after woke, i just play computer as usual..
open my facebook, myspace and blog..
then nothing to do.. drama only~
exam soon~ but still doing nothing~

around 3 something, sister call mum..
she say that her car cant function, and ask my mum to fetch her back from work~
then i follow my mum, and go oriental crystal hotel.. she working there~

back home..
after my dad and brother come back, sister tell them about the situation..
and then my dad drive, bring me and brother to the hotel..
and also ask my brother to check and repair my sister's car..
cause last time my brother was a mechanic..
so he know how to repair lah^^
after that, the car can function already..
but have to sent to repair probably lah.. cause my brother dont have those material..
have to change something of the car i think~

okay.. at night, i go tesco at semenyih with my family except my brother~
walk around and buy something lah :)
before back, eyza call me~
she ask me to go her house for open house tomorrow and start at 2pm..
then i say i think first loh..
i ask her to call sidon also then i give her sidon's number~
sidon didnt answer the phone.. so, never mind lah~

we go supper at nasa..
after finish.. we back~
parents go sleep..
my sister enjoy drama with me until 3 something..
then brother back~
so we have to go sleep lah cause we using brother's computer on that time :)
he just back from clubbing on that time.. haha^^
then, around 4am.. sleep.. night^^

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