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正在學習不去在意別人怎樣看我.. 別人說的是非,可以改就改.. 不能改就左耳進,右耳出.. 不聼閒言閒語的人才會成功!不讓別人操控自己,因爲自己也有決定的權利.. 加油吧!我能做到的!^^

我是2008年11月創立自己的部落格,而2009年才開始正式寫的.. 而11月和12月的全都是在1月的時候補寫的~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Holiday for Raya

18.09.2009 Friday

Woho.. Today is the real holiday for Hari Aidilfitri already~~ Haha^^
Hmm.. It's okay.. Nothing special also^^
So, today i just play computer as usual..

Uncle Keong come my house.. And we just chatting~
Cause he is waiting for her elder daughter, she went tuition and finish soon..
But my dad say wanna go supper, so uncle Keong go fetch her daughter loh :)

Actually i very full, but wanna accompany dad..
So i eat also loh..
I only eat 田鸡^^ My mum same with me but my dad got eat rice also :)
He's hungry cause he went out just now and didnt eat dinner~

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