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我是2008年11月創立自己的部落格,而2009年才開始正式寫的.. 而11月和12月的全都是在1月的時候補寫的~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Party night~

I think i will write in english for few times..?
It's because very hard to write in chinese and i long time never update already~ Sigh~
Sorry to everyone if you all not interest in english and dont want to read in english~
After finish my ex-post, then i will be write be in chinese~
I'm so sorry with this and hope you all will forgive =)

Firstly, i'm going to write a post that happened on 12th September.. Saturday~

That day is my cousin who name Chai Yao, is her birthday~
I woke at 9 something and open computer to watch drama and check my facebook..
About 12 something, my cousin sister was come to my house with one of her friend..
They want to find somethings in the newspaper for they EX-TEACHER =.=
I hate their teacher cause always ask them to find newspaper for her =.=
After that, my cousin sister told me that others cousin already went my uncle house..
So i follow loh~ My cousin sister pick me go..
My uncle's house near only~ Go there by jalan kaki also can~ Haha^^
After reach my uncle house, only Yao's friends..
They playing water there.. The floor so wet.. sweat =.=
(I'm sorry cause I lost those photo.. When i found then only i post back yea^^)
No one there.. Only My 3rd auntie there.. And they start to enjoy those food..
About me, I also got eat lah^^ But then also helping my 4th auntie (Yao's mum)..

Actually it's boring when I was there.. Cause all Yao's classmate..
I don't know them and they were still young, so childish.. Haha^^
Around 5 something, Han (cousin sister) want back alredy..
So i ask her to fetch me back too cause wanna take a shower and enjoy our second round.. Haha^^
First round is for her classmate and schoolmate one~
And second round is for her family.. That's us..Haha^^

Back, shower~
Then walk to uncle house with mum..
When we reach there, my other relative already reach there and start to eat~
I think we're the last reaching there..? Hehe^^
After eat fully, Chui Wen (elder ousin sister) decide to go sing K..
Haha^^ What a wonderful idea xD

We discuss so long time already.. Cause transport problem..
Han dont want to drive her car cause she say her mum want use..
Chui Wen dont wnt to drive her car too cause she say her mum no car to fetch her brother sister if she drive.. ( Her brother sister working part time )
Auntie Yen no car cause her brother used =.=
About me and Song Ann..? Haha^^ No car and not enough 18 years old.. Hehe^^

After that, borrow with Auntie Kien..
Auntie Kien say, if Auntie Yen drive, then only she borrow~
If my cousin sister drive, then she dont want borrow..
But auntie Yen dont want also =.= So many excuse..
Suddenly say dont know how to drive auto-car..
Suddenly say the car so big and she dont know how to drive =.=
But at last... We got go also.. Haha^^

At last we decide to use Auntie Yen's car..
Chui Wen fetch Auntie Yen go to take her car with her brother, then only fetch us go~
Before we go, we got call to NewWay and ask the price and other information..
Ehem.. It's very expensive cause that include buffet..
And then, we go Jusco~
We go to ask the price for Karaokay first..
Very expensive also~ That also include buffet, RM40+ per person..
Then we say go to watch movie loh..
But 11:45pm only got ticket..
If we watch, then so late only can go back home~ So auntie Yen dont want~

Oh oh.. At Jusco i saw Yeen Yoon, June jie and Kim Fang~
Very long time didn't saw them already~~
Kim Fang became very fair and handsome.. Haha^^

After that, we back loh~~ Nothing can do at Jusco also~~
Then, we not reconciled that.. So we call again to ask the price.. but not NewWay lah..
We call o Music Box and Ceria Box..
And finally, we decide to go Ceria Box..
Actually we can sing until 3am.. It's fun although i'm tired..
But i still wish that we can play until 3 am..
But Aunie Yen dont want~ She want back early and sleep.. Sigh~
Due to this reason, we back home about 1 something.. Sigh~~

After reach home, sure go to rest lah~~ Very late and tired already~~ Haha^^

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