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我是2008年11月創立自己的部落格,而2009年才開始正式寫的.. 而11月和12月的全都是在1月的時候補寫的~

Friday, October 9, 2009

Tesco =)

19.09.2009 Saturday

Tonight my family and I go tesco cause we wanna buy something for tomorrow..
Tomorrow we go beach oh.. Haha^^ Gold coast :)
First, we reach tesco.. And we saw not so many car there..
And then, go in.. I saw KK there~ Haha^^
My ex-classmate, schoolmate now and indian best friend.. Hehe^^
Hmm~ Then i got some joke with KK..
First time i saw her there.. So suprise.. Haha^^

Then, i go to take a small vehicle for put the things that we want to buy..

Go walk around.. Take and take continuously~
OKay.. Finish~ Wanna pay already~

Then only we realise that was many many people infront the counter..
Oh my God.. How come like that..? Sweat~
At first we just stand and queue up there..
But, Really very long..
So we throw all the things beside, and go away.. Zzz

Can you all see how long is that..?
Of course, i only draw one part of that.. Still very long there~~ Haha^^

Hmm.. I saw something at tesco.. Fun^^

Do you know what is this..? Hmm~~ This is coconut.. Haha^^
Got eye and motuh.. Hehe^^

We go tesco want buy egg for cooking fried rice.. But at last we didnt buy also..
SO, after that we go 99 speed market buy some junk food and bread..
Then have a meeting at auntie Lee Moi house~
What meeting is that..? My company's meeting.. haha^^
Ehem.. My company is my relative + my family loh^^
At auntie Lee Moi house,we take some egg with her for tomorrow~ Haha^^
Erm.. we got something like chafing dish there also~ Haha^^

Haha^^ Nice..? Delicious..? ^^

And then, our meeting, the important things is what time we gather and depart.. hehe^^

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