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Friday, October 9, 2009

Food Court

22.09.2009 Tuesday

Tonight, sister go banana (cyber cafe) with Mr.T..
Cause sister's lap top very lag.. And hard to play restaurant city (Facebook game)..
So, i go serdang with family and father's 2nd sister, that's my aunt..
Hmm.. Go there for what..?
It's because my cousin brother seeling fruit there.. So we go to take a look loh~
There is 2 food court combined at one place..
Have many people there, so my cousin brother go sell fruit..
1 pack for RM1 or RM2.. can earn money and make a profit.. Not bad what..? ^^
Then, my dad got eat porridge, share with me and my mum..
Somemore my dad drink beer with my uncle and i drink coconut water.. My mum too =)
It's so hard to open the coconut..
My dad help my mum open hers. but my dad cant open mines.. Really too hard~
So we call the waiter to open for..
And after open, the coconut look like shaven head.. Haha^^

Hmm.. My coconut is very old Zzz My mum one is young xD

Erm~~ Somemore wanna wish one of my friend HAPPY Birthday =)


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