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Monday, October 5, 2009

Work for charity~

16th September 2009 Wednesday

After school, elder auntie fetch straightly come my school and fetch me back her house cause today i got work at Oriental Crystal Hotel with my cousin brother and sister..
Back to auntie's home, wait for my turn to shower..
After that, play with my little younger cousin for a while lah..
Very tired already~ Lie on the bed with my cousin sister..
Cheat her to tell me some secret about her.. Haha^^
Of course, i'm not that bad~ I also got tell my secret to her lah.. Haha^^

Okay, about 4 something.. We change clothe.. Cause is time to work already~
Hmm.. We work as waiter and waitress okay..?
Hmm~ That not wedding dinner for today~ It's charity organization one~
It's charity donate for orphan and old man/woman~
Hmm.. And also due to this reason, our salary only RM20 for working from 5pm to 11pm..
Charity.. Never mind lah~~ Everyone should do good works.. Responsibility for human~
Haha^^ It's happy^^
My sister also work at Oriental Crystal Hotel.. But she is a bakery chef~
Today she go to help also~ Then she got OT loh^^ (over time) Hehe^^

Ehem.. This is my working look~ Took picture before we go hotel^^
And the another picture beside is my sister~ She chatting with her friend..

Sister's hair~~ So cute~ Haha^^

After work, have to clean those table and arrange the chair..
The things that i paling tak suka to do~~ Haha^^
At last, we got free ice-cream to eat and w get our salary and cake^^
I ate 2 cup of ice-cream(strawberry and chocolate) and another 1 batang ice-cream chocolate^^
Haha^^ Tired oh..
After back home still need to bath and wait the hair dry..

I already pack my book they need to use for school tomorrow~
But I dont know whether will go or not lah.. Haha^^

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